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Femme Fatale by Magic Ninja

Welcome, Galaxy Hitchhiker. 🙂

Every release, every composition, every day I learn something new. After years, I explored the absolute sound of what I seek for.

This one streams directly from my heart and mind. Every single note, every single beat, every single effect, every single echo, every single harmony and chord in this track absolutely fit my expectation when it was in production. 😀

Get off your shoes and get ready for the perfect progressive trance journey. Close your eyes and listen to Femme Fatale. Let the music inspire you to do good stuff, do somethin’ for your love, kids, friends, your soul, your karma. Because every single step counts. Do your day better. 🙂

#MagicNinja #FemmeFatale #OfficialMusicVideo2023

Hope you like the Femme Fatale track crafted by Magic Ninja.

Enjoy FJR’s 37th release.

Track list

  • 1. Femme Fatale (original) 6:33
  • 2. Femme Fatale (Radio Edit) 3:38

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Femme Fatale Music Video

Femme Fatale by Magic Ninja

Femme Fatale – the Cover Design