Monthly Archives: July 2021

In the Mood by Five Josephs – Ondrej Bezdek, remixed by Magic Ninja as In da Mood psytrance mix

Hey dudes,

We are in the middle of July 2021. There are two bright new tracks for your happy summer. The original mix is a slow moody nice lovely track called In the Mood. It has been composed by Ondrej Bezděk a.k.a. Five Josephs. We have released the track on the Lyrian sublabel of the Belgian based JUDI records. The track is accompanied by the psytrance mix done by the Magic Ninja.

Enjoy videos. We will be very happy if you consider to support us by playing, streaming, sharing tracks or by a direct purchase on the Beatport or on other major distribution portals.


In the Mood by Five Josephs – Ondrej Bezdek – original mix

In da Mood by Magic Ninja, the psytrance mix of the original track of Ondrej Bezdek