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Bas Tere Liye by Magic Ninja

Hey folks,

people love dancing. People love dancing to house music. This is the basic rhythm of our hearts. This is the magic behind house music popularity around the globe. Magic Ninja has released a new track called Bas Tere Liye to enjoy summer vibes, feelings, love, journeys, relationships, positive energy and relaxation.

Make love, not war. Dance to Bas Tere Liye. Peace and love to all good souls on this planet! 🙂

Magic Ninja.

Enjoy FJR’s 33rd release.

Track list

  • 1. Bas Tere Liye (original) 6:19
  • 2. DJs Like the B Side 7:28

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Bas Tere Liye by Magic Ninja

Back to roots, back to the house music. This is the Bas Tere Liye track by Magic Ninja. Just feel the rhythm, relax, dance and enjoy vibes. The Hindi vocal composition and vocals by Drsya.

Lyrics in Hindi and English for those who are curious.

1:29 Zinda Hoon Main Jana
1:36 Bas Tere Liye
1:44 Saasein, Meri Dhadkan
1:51 Bas Tere Liye
1:58 I feel it tonight
1:59 Bas Tere Liye
2:06 Bas Tere Liye
2:22 Bas Tere Liye
2:28 I Feel it Tonight
2:43 I Feel it Tonight
2:57 I Feel it Tonight

Meaning of Hindi lyrics:
I live only for you; my breath, my heartbeat is only for you.

Wanna know more about Drsya? Check her out on

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Bas Tere Liye – the Cover Design