Sun System album is released

Sun System - the leftfield album by Five Josephs

Sun System - the leftfield album by Five Josephs

The second album done by Five Josephs project has been released on 25th of September 2009.

Ondrej worked on this monumental downtempo orchestral huge story over one year.

The Sun System album is inspired by our Solar System, where the third planet from the Sun is our lovely Earth. You can get on board to the virtual space ship and let the music to flow over you. Nice mood and feelings are everywhere around you.

Starting the virtual travel from the Sun, the hottest place in our Solar System and going to visit at the first place, the warmest planet – the Mercury. When you pass the Mercury over, the Venus sends a warm welcome to the galactic traveller. Hoops, we are nearby the Earth, the most familiar planet in our system, which is known well by everybody, because we live there.

When we was small guys we dreamed about space travels. The Mars is close to us and it’s the 4th planet on our music illustration for the journey. Later on our trip, the area of gas giants – the Jupiter, the Saturn with it’s rings, later the dark Uranus and the very calm and cold Neptunus – all of them visited in the music journey.

The farest “planet”, the Pluto, is on the trip schedule, although nowdays the Pluto is not marked as planet, but we keep it on the list.

The last album track called the Sun System is the monumental hype of this nice and huge epic music composition.


All, The Sun System, release details, including tracklist and samples for all tracks are ready for you on the Sun System release page.

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