Summer is Time for Love

Hey folks,

hope you all have good summer time. Magic Ninja has released a new track called Time for Love to enjoy summer vibes, feelings, love, journeys, relationships.

Peace and love to all good souls on this planet! Make love, not war. :-)

This is the message. It is Time for Love.

Magic Ninja.

Enjoy FJR’s 32nd release.

Track list

  • Time for Love (original) 6:19

Show your support. Do not let starve your favourite artist. Thanks. :-)


Time for Love by Magic Ninja

There are dozens of cities, towns, villages and various other settlements around the globe. Spread your good will and love everywhere. :-) Some cities are close to you, I guess.

Open the video on YT and find your favourite settlement.

0:03 Lisbon, Portugal
0:10 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
0:17 Kyiv, Ukraine
0:24 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
0:31 Paris, France
0:38 Anchorage, Alaska
0:45 Sydney, Australia
0:51 Sofia, Bulgaria
0:59 Brussels, Belgium
1:05 Copenhagen, Denmark
1:12 Hong Kong, China
1:20 Tallinn, Estonia
1:26 Monaco
1:33 Budapest, Hungary
1:40 Vilnius, Lithuania
1:47 Luxembourg
1:55 Oslo, Norway
2:01 Miami, Florida, USA
2:08 Bucharest, Romania
2:15 Bratislava, Slovakia
2:22 Geneva, Switzerland
2:29 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2:36 Stockholm, Sweden
2:42 Košice, Slovakia
2:49 Rome, Italy
2:56 Amsterdam, Netherlands
3:04 Dubai, UAE
3:00 New Delhi, India
3:17 Venice, Italy
3:24 Montreal, Canada
3:31 Split, Croatia
3:38 Athens, Greece
3:45 Auckland, New Zealand
3:52 Kobe, Japan
3:59 London, UK
4:07 Vienna, Austria
4:13 Helsinki, Finland
4:20 Gjirokaster, Albania
4:27 Nice, France
4:34 New York, USA
4:41 Riga, Latvia
4:48 Tokyo, Japan
4:55 Warsaw, Poland
5:02 Prague, Czech Republic
5:08 Dresden, Germany
5:16 Reykjavik, Iceland
5:23 Nuwakot, Nepal
5:29 Cape Town, South Africa
5:37 Instanbul, Turkey
5:44 Berlin, Germany
5:55 Abu Dhabi, UAE
5:57 Barcelona, Spain
6:04 Earth

Time for Love – the Cover Design

We are Enchanted

The Enchanted track is out! Nice!

Tracklist of FJR 031 Enchanted

  • Enchanted (original) 5:44
  • Enchanted (psy-trance mix by Magic Ninja) 7:20

Check the Enchanted track out on major distributions.


We published two videos to support the track release. The first one is for the original mix, the second one is unsurprisingly for the psy-trance mix. Enjoy both videos :-)

Enchanted (original by Ondrej Bezdek) Music Video

Enchanted (psy-trance mix by Magic Ninja) Music Video

Enchanted is our new release scheduled for July 2022

Enchanted by the music, Enchanted by the summer, Enchanted by the rhythm, positive vibes, dance, feelings, dreams.

The track release is scheduled to 21st of July 2022. It will be available on all major distributions worldwide after 21st.

Tracklist of FJR 031 Enchanted

  • Enchanted (original) 5:44
  • Enchanted (psy-trance mix by Magic Ninja) 7:20
(language: Hindi)
Jaane Kyun Main Tujhe Yaad Karun
Ek Mulakat Fariyaad Karun
Dil Kehta hai tu aaja
Tujhse milke Hall Bayaan karun
I don’t know why I keep thinking of you
I wish for another meeting
My heart wishes you come to me
When we meet, I shall tell you all about how I feel.


Savour – the new release by Five Josephs – Ondrej Bezdek

When you think of “Savour” you feel positive emotions. This is undoubtedly what we want to express in our latest release, which is now ready for streaming and download on music major platforms.

Dudes, it is our 30th release :-)


We have worked hard on the sound, vibe, groove, mix and mastering. We have enjoyed the creativeness when we produced this song. The release is available from 30th of November 2021 in two mixes:

  1. Savour (original mix)
  2. Savour (psy-trance mix by Magic Ninja)

Tracks are produced in the heart of Europe. Both are mixed and mastered professionally by Jesse Skeens in his London-based Medway Studios.

Go and listen to the Savour,

Enjoy! Two mixes and three different music videos for them.



For all EDM fans, here we go… the Savour (psy-trance mix) music video! Remark: headphones or speakers are highly recommended for the best user experience :-D

Five Josephs Ondrej Bezdek | Savour (psy-trance mix by Magic Ninja) | Official music video 2022


We have the original mix of the Savour, too. There is a different music video for the original mix.

Five Josephs Ondrej Bezdek | Savour (original) | Official music video 2022 Space Edition


We like the Savour track a lot. We have made two different videos for the original mix of the track.

The idea was to make two videos and select the better version, but we got two really nice music videos. Thus, we decided to release both of them. The previous one is called the Space Edition of the Savour music video.

And finally, the second version, the video placed right below this text, we call the Earth Edition of the Savour track. So, this is the bonus. One track, two mixes, and three different music videos.

Five Josephs Ondrej Bezdek | Savour (original) | Official music video 2022 Earth Edition

Viral Brothers – the new release by Ondrej Bezdek

FJR proudly presents a new, November 2021, music release in the genre of progressive trance with the pumping psytrance remix called Viral Brothers.


Dudes, enjoy!


The release is available on all major distribution channels, such as:

… and many other channels.

In the Mood psytrance mix selected for the compilation Finest of New Electronic Music


We are proud and happy that our psy-trance mix of the track In the Mood is placed on the compilation Finest of New Electronic Music on Beatport by Attention Music.

Check it out :-)

In the Mood psytrance mix on the Finest of New Electronic Music

Five Josephs - Ondrej Bezdek: In the Mood psy-trance mix by Magic Ninja is on the Finest of New Electronic Music

Summer Dance – Cool Song for the Summer 2021 Partying

Hey dudes,

We have released two new tracks for this summer 2021. It is called the Summer Dance, and you can find two nice dance tracks on this release in trance and psytrance genres. It went public on 10th of August 2021.

Enjoy videos of both versions and support us by watching, streaming, or direct purchase on the Beatport – Summer Dance by Five Josephs – Ondrej Bezdek.



Summer Dance original mix by Five Josephs – Ondrej Bezdek, released on the Lyrian sublabel of JUDI Records.


Summer Dance psytrance mix by Magic Ninja, released on the Lyrian sublabel of JUDI Records.

In the Mood by Five Josephs – Ondrej Bezdek, remixed by Magic Ninja as In da Mood psytrance mix

Hey dudes,

We are in the middle of July 2021. There are two bright new tracks for your happy summer. The original mix is a slow moody nice lovely track called In the Mood. It has been composed by Ondrej Bezděk a.k.a. Five Josephs. We have released the track on the Lyrian sublabel of the Belgian based JUDI records. The track is accompanied by the psytrance mix done by the Magic Ninja.

Enjoy videos. We will be very happy if you consider to support us by playing, streaming, sharing tracks or by a direct purchase on the Beatport or on other major distribution portals.


In the Mood by Five Josephs – Ondrej Bezdek – original mix

In da Mood by Magic Ninja, the psytrance mix of the original track of Ondrej Bezdek

In the Mood on Lyrian, a sublabel of JUDI Records

Hello everyone,

we are proud to announce that on 17th of June 2021 is scheduled for release our new single called In the Mood. It will be released in a co-operation with our Belgian friends from JUDI Records on their Lyrian sublabel. What does it contain?

  • In the Mood by Five Josephs (original mix)
  • Universe by Five Josephs (original)
  • In da Mood by Magic Ninja (psy-trance mix)
Stay tuned for a next big thing. :-)
In the Mood by Five Josephs - Ondrej Bezdek on Lyrian, JUDI records

Winter’s Tale

We have released a new track. It is called

Winter’s Tale

Check it out on JunoDownloads

and on other major distribution channels.