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Hey all good souls,

This is a pure trance gem, guys and gals. Just listen to the melody, rhythm, energy, vibes and let your body dance enjoying all positive feelings flowing into your mind. I love this track!

All the best to kind, good souls living in positivity and making this world a better place against the all chaotic non-human behaviour daily.

This track is a tribute to you, your love, your positive approach. Dance, people, enjoy nice life and be better humans :-D .

Magic Ninja.

The Hindi vocal composition and vocals by Drsya.

Enjoy FJR’s 34th release.

Track list

  • 1. Jaana (original) 7:34

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Bas Tere Liye by Magic Ninja

Lyrics With Meaning and Time Codes:

1:52 Uuuuu uu hu uuuuuuuu :-)
2:02 Uuuuu uu hu aauuuuuu :-)

2:31 :-D (An angel’s smile)

2:47 Dhoom Tanana nanana

3:56 Tere Bina Kaise Katu Ratiyaan (How do I spend the night without you)
4:02 Tere Bina Kaise Jiyun Saathiya (How do I spend this life without you)
4:09 Naina Pukare Tujhe (My eyes call out to you)
4:13 Aaja tu na Sataa (Come to me, do not trouble me)
4:16 Chain Gawaya Maine (I have lost my peace)
4:19 O mere sathiya (Oh my companion)

4:23 Chain Mera Tujhse Hai (My peace is from you)
4:27 Jaan Meri Tujhpe Hai (My life is you)
4:30 Labz Mere Ankahe (My words stay unspoken)
4:34 Khwab Main Bas tu hi Hai (My dreams are all made of you)
4:36 Jaana (My Love)
4:43 Jaana
4:50 Jaana
4:57 Jaana

5:45 Dhoom Tanana banana

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Jaana – the Cover Design

Bas Tere Liye by Magic Ninja

Hey folks,

people love dancing. People love dancing to house music. This is the basic rhythm of our hearts. This is the magic behind house music popularity around the globe. Magic Ninja has released a new track called Bas Tere Liye to enjoy summer vibes, feelings, love, journeys, relationships, positive energy and relaxation.

Make love, not war. Dance to Bas Tere Liye. Peace and love to all good souls on this planet! :-)

Magic Ninja.

Enjoy FJR’s 33rd release.

Track list

  • 1. Bas Tere Liye (original) 6:19
  • 2. DJs Like the B Side 7:28

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Bas Tere Liye by Magic Ninja

Back to roots, back to the house music. This is the Bas Tere Liye track by Magic Ninja. Just feel the rhythm, relax, dance and enjoy vibes. The Hindi vocal composition and vocals by Drsya.

Lyrics in Hindi and English for those who are curious.

1:29 Zinda Hoon Main Jana
1:36 Bas Tere Liye
1:44 Saasein, Meri Dhadkan
1:51 Bas Tere Liye
1:58 I feel it tonight
1:59 Bas Tere Liye
2:06 Bas Tere Liye
2:22 Bas Tere Liye
2:28 I Feel it Tonight
2:43 I Feel it Tonight
2:57 I Feel it Tonight

Meaning of Hindi lyrics:
I live only for you; my breath, my heartbeat is only for you.

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Bas Tere Liye – the Cover Design

Summer is Time for Love

Hey folks,

hope you all have good summer time. Magic Ninja has released a new track called Time for Love to enjoy summer vibes, feelings, love, journeys, relationships.

Peace and love to all good souls on this planet! Make love, not war. :-)

This is the message. It is Time for Love.

Magic Ninja.

Enjoy FJR’s 32nd release.

Track list

  • Time for Love (original) 6:19

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Time for Love by Magic Ninja

There are dozens of cities, towns, villages and various other settlements around the globe. Spread your good will and love everywhere. :-) Some cities are close to you, I guess.

Open the video on YT and find your favourite settlement.

0:03 Lisbon, Portugal
0:10 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
0:17 Kyiv, Ukraine
0:24 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
0:31 Paris, France
0:38 Anchorage, Alaska
0:45 Sydney, Australia
0:51 Sofia, Bulgaria
0:59 Brussels, Belgium
1:05 Copenhagen, Denmark
1:12 Hong Kong, China
1:20 Tallinn, Estonia
1:26 Monaco
1:33 Budapest, Hungary
1:40 Vilnius, Lithuania
1:47 Luxembourg
1:55 Oslo, Norway
2:01 Miami, Florida, USA
2:08 Bucharest, Romania
2:15 Bratislava, Slovakia
2:22 Geneva, Switzerland
2:29 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2:36 Stockholm, Sweden
2:42 Košice, Slovakia
2:49 Rome, Italy
2:56 Amsterdam, Netherlands
3:04 Dubai, UAE
3:00 New Delhi, India
3:17 Venice, Italy
3:24 Montreal, Canada
3:31 Split, Croatia
3:38 Athens, Greece
3:45 Auckland, New Zealand
3:52 Kobe, Japan
3:59 London, UK
4:07 Vienna, Austria
4:13 Helsinki, Finland
4:20 Gjirokaster, Albania
4:27 Nice, France
4:34 New York, USA
4:41 Riga, Latvia
4:48 Tokyo, Japan
4:55 Warsaw, Poland
5:02 Prague, Czech Republic
5:08 Dresden, Germany
5:16 Reykjavik, Iceland
5:23 Nuwakot, Nepal
5:29 Cape Town, South Africa
5:37 Instanbul, Turkey
5:44 Berlin, Germany
5:55 Abu Dhabi, UAE
5:57 Barcelona, Spain
6:04 Earth

Time for Love – the Cover Design