40 – Tonight

Author: Magic Ninja
Title: Tonight
Type: Maxisingle
Catalogue number: FJR 040
Release date: 21 Jul 2023
Genre: Progressive Deep Trance / Progressive Psy-trance

Once upon a time, Magic Ninja caught an inspirational scream-like vocal singing the word “Tonight”. It was during a walk in the city of the river bank. The word materialized in my mind and I knew exactly how I must craft it into the progressive track. This one is the result.

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Track list

  • 1. Tonight 6:43
  • 2. Tonight (Radio Edit) 4:23

Tonight Music Video

The progressive trance / psy-trance track by Magic Ninja

Tonight Lyrics

Just like the sun in the morning light
We rise, we shine, we make it alright
The truth we dare to hear, we ignite
We stay together all through the night
Through the night

Don’t you feel the tide, the tide
Pulling us together
Pulling us together on this ride
Feel the breeze in the sky
In the sky
Hoped it would last forever
But maybe just tonight, tonight, tonight

On this ride
Pulling us together
On this ride

Tonight – the Cover Design