Five Josephs’ releases

Russian Beauty

Hey, people.

Listen to the Russian Beauty. This is our new release. The fresh trance track by Five Josephs for the upcoming summer 2019.

Enjoy! :-)


Russian Beauty by Five Josephs - Ondrej Bezdek

Russian Beauty by Five Josephs - the Single Cover Image

The Russian Beauty is available since 15.6. 2019 on major distributions such as Apple Music, Google Music, etc.

Summer Rhapsody


… it has been released :-) Summer Rhapsody - Five Josephs Single


The Summer Rhapsody is ready for you instantly on JunoDownload




Summer Rhapsody is scheduled for release on 2.9. 2018

Greetz to all good people on our lovely planet Earth.

We are happy to announce that we finished the work on our new track called

Summer Rhapsody

Before we were able to release it we had to:

  • get an idea
  • feel cool
  • be in a good mood
  • compose it
  • tune it
  • fine tune it
  • mix it
  • master it
  • prepare the cover
  • prepare store listings and distribution listings
  • prepare the post for the website
  • love nice girls
We are happy we did all of these tasks. So, be prepared for our hottest new upcoming release, which is scheduled for release on 2.9. 2018 on major release channels such as Google Music, Apple iStore Music, Spotify, Juno Downloads and more.
Summer Rhapsody - Five Josephs Single
Stay tuned.

Joint Work

Two guys decided to work together on one track. Sometimes it’s painful, usually it’s a fun. One day two mixes have been released.

… featuring the lovely Lucie Etonnante [ kisses, Lucy :-) ]

The Joint Work

Track list

  • 01 Joint Work (Ondrej’s original Dirty Stirring mix) 9:54
  • 02 Joint Work (Dr T’s remix) 10:27
Hurry up to Juno :-)

White Mage

I am walking around and seeking for an adventure. The target is aimed and the stream of the magician power impacts the evil. I don’t start fights, but I finish them. Definitely doing the world a better place to live.

I am the White Mage!


Lust Seeker

  • … looking for an aesthetic qualities
  • … searching for an uncommon mix between pure beauty and intelligence
  • … discovering the possibilities how to enjoy each other

This is the pure…

Lust Seeker

release single cover image of the Lust Seeker


Game of Life – the latest album released by Five Josephs

Oh my God…

It is really crazy, how the time is going fast. There happened a lot in our lives.

Anyway, a few months ago, our latest album called the Game of Life was released on world’s major distributions, such as:

and many other other distribution channels and streaming services (Spotify and others)

Full image of the Game of Life booklet

Game of Life by Five Josephs

This is the real life.. we live it as anybody else on our lovely planet Earth… we play it as a game…

the Game of Life


Do you like it and wanna play it in your broadcast? Feel free to request by email! :-)

Game of Life

After a while…. we prepare a new album.


Upcoming release... Game of Life


You know the usual bullshit around the new release… the deadlines, dates, promotions… Joseph Der Schwanzen got a crystal clear idea:

Once we finish it, we gonna release it!

Agreed by the whole group…

Back-end stories for our releases

Juno Download latest campaign 2

We prepared the page named Stories about our music.

We plan to publish the stories hidden behind each release. These are about inspiration, motives, internal stories behind the release production, etc.

There is a lot of material, which has to be processed, but hopefully all will be published soon.

I’m relaxing – the hottest awesome track released

Five Josephs - I'm relaxing

Five Josephs - Drum and Bass single - I'm relaxing - front cover

We are very proud and happy to release our new awesome drum and bass track called I’m relaxing.

After a long hard work we finished the grooving and pulsing new track – I’m relaxing. The audience has been desperately waiting for a new hit and we succeeded. We MADE IT. Right for YOU! Enjoy the flow of groovy beats and bass.

If you like the track, link us, link the video and … buy it. We gonna be very happy to get a few bugs on income :-) Thank you.



Check the video right now! I’m relaxing :: track I’m relaxing by Five Josephs on