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Magic Ninja in the Industry Top 100 with the Femme Fatale Release

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Magic Ninja: Unleashing Positive Vibes with “Femme Fatale”

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Magic Ninja Upcoming Releases in July 2023

The summer is in full swing. The summer means festivals and parties. In July 2023, you can look forward to three new maxi singles from Magic Ninja.

On 17.7. 2023, FJR #038.

Ninja’s trance opus with unique vocals in Japanese will be released first. The name is simple. Ninja.

The second in a row, FJR #039.

The follower will be a humble tribute to the techno genre that will bring a fresh wind to every party called Techno Breeze.

It will happen on 19.7. 2023

The July stream of maxi singles will be completed by the progressive trance summer hit Tonight.

The latest July release is scheduled on 21.7. 2023, FJR #040.

All this was happily produced by Magic Ninja.