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Hey all good souls,

This is a pure trance gem, guys and gals. Just listen to the melody, rhythm, energy, vibes and let your body dance enjoying all positive feelings flowing into your mind. I love this track!

All the best to kind, good souls living in positivity and making this world a better place against the all chaotic non-human behaviour daily.

This track is a tribute to you, your love, your positive approach. Dance, people, enjoy nice life and be better humans :-D .

Magic Ninja.

The Hindi vocal composition and vocals by Drsya.

Enjoy FJR’s 34th release.

Track list

  • 1. Jaana (original) 7:34

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Bas Tere Liye by Magic Ninja

Lyrics With Meaning and Time Codes:

1:52 Uuuuu uu hu uuuuuuuu :-)
2:02 Uuuuu uu hu aauuuuuu :-)

2:31 :-D (An angel’s smile)

2:47 Dhoom Tanana nanana

3:56 Tere Bina Kaise Katu Ratiyaan (How do I spend the night without you)
4:02 Tere Bina Kaise Jiyun Saathiya (How do I spend this life without you)
4:09 Naina Pukare Tujhe (My eyes call out to you)
4:13 Aaja tu na Sataa (Come to me, do not trouble me)
4:16 Chain Gawaya Maine (I have lost my peace)
4:19 O mere sathiya (Oh my companion)

4:23 Chain Mera Tujhse Hai (My peace is from you)
4:27 Jaan Meri Tujhpe Hai (My life is you)
4:30 Labz Mere Ankahe (My words stay unspoken)
4:34 Khwab Main Bas tu hi Hai (My dreams are all made of you)
4:36 Jaana (My Love)
4:43 Jaana
4:50 Jaana
4:57 Jaana

5:45 Dhoom Tanana banana

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Jaana – the Cover Design